President's Letter

New York State Association of Home Inspectors (NYSAHI)
Presidents Letter  July 2018
NYSAHI bill moves to Senate Floor
The wheels of congress move slowly, but they do move. This year, our exam bill, S649A (also known as A215A), which simply replaces the New York State home inspector licensing exam with the more rigorous and better-designed National Home Inspector Exam, moved a few feet from the Senate Judiciary Committee to the Senate floor. It now awaits a vote and upon passing would move to the Governor's desk to be signed into law.

It seems as though there is always a lot going on that draws the attention of our legislators in many directions and this year was no different. Although this process is slow, we have seen steady progress of the bill since we introduced it a few years ago. We have recently built up our mailing list, so if this is your first email from us, welcome. Let me start with who we are.

A brief NYSAHI History
The New York State Association of Home Inspectors (NYSAHI) was started before the licensing law took effect in 2006 and we contributed language and ideas to the writing of the law. Since then we have been working to make changes to the law that would better qualify home inspectors prior to licensing them. When our efforts to reform the law administratively with the Department of State seemed to go nowhere, we decided to work legislatively to change the law.

In addition to promoting our own legislation, NYSAHI monitors other legislation that could affect home inspectors. We were able to get clarification on the recent mold licensing law, which appeared to harshly limit what home inspectors who are not state-licensed mold assessors could say about mold in their reports. We have opposed numerous well water testing bills and also are opposing the current radon testing and mitigation licensing bill (S6851, also known as A8605) as written. Although we support the idea of licensing radon testers and mitigators, the current bill is untenable. Our objections helped send the bill back to its writers to be reworked.

The NYSAHI Board of Directors is comprised of 100%-volunteer delegates from six home inspector trade association groups across New York State. These groups appreciate the importance of having a lobbyist on call to represent our interests in Albany. Our lobbyist, NYSAHI's main expense, is an experienced attorney who understands well how things move in the halls of congress.

Moving Forward
I see home inspection as a profession. It's not just a job that anyone can do straight out of the gate. It requires extensive training and experience. We should be striving to ensure that the people coming into this profession are given the skills they need up front to provide sound advice on the largest purchases most people ever make.

Most of our support comes from the six home inspector trade associations mentioned above. But we also need the help of individual unaffiliated home inspectors. We, along with our lobbyist, work to watch over the legislative environment affecting home inspectors across New York State. We keep track of bills that could affect our industry and are working to strengthen this profession. Our lobbyist is doing a great job and works very hard for us by meeting with legislators, administrators, and other government types. If you are not already a member through your home inspector trade association, please consider joining. The cost is $75.00 a year and it's easy to join.

To learn more and join, visit

Thanks to everyone in advance for your support. We can't do this work without your help.

Annie-Laurie Hunter

NYSAHI President

Annie-Laurie Hunter
NYSAHI President