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The mission of the New York State Association of Home Inspectors, Inc. is to promote the interests of its members and the home inspection profession in New York State with respect to regulation affecting the practice of home inspections.

Membership in NYSAHI is open to all home inspectors in our state.

The New York State Association Of Home Inspectors (NYSAHI) provides this site as a tool to help New York State Home Inspectors stay current with the changing face of home inspector regulation in our state.

President's Letter December, 2019

Home inspectors have now been licensed in New York State for 14 years. Since the inception of licensure, NYSAHI has taken particular issue with the New York State exam. We tried to work with the Department of State to change the test, but to no avail. So, for the past five years we have worked directly with legislators, squiring a bill around congress to move from the New York State exam to the National Home Inspectors Exam. This year, we achieved that goal...

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